"Thank you very much Peter for the update, I am very happy with my Pewatronic chess computer!"

Andrés Capizzano, USA (Tuesday, 06th of August 2019)

"I received yesterday (from the 'Pion Passed' in Nice) the 'Grandmaster 40', which was carefully packed in its package.
This device is really beautiful and finely crafted, down to the last detail. Although I am sure that I will never exhaust all possibilities, I am still very satisfied with such a beautiful chess game.
I would like to congratulate you on this excellent result, especially on the extensive work this project has required. And I encourage you to continue your passion.
Thank you again for your efforts and kindness."
Guy Marques, FR (Saturday, 23th of March 2019)

"Thank you very much for your new update 1.5.4 which is very interesting, especially the engine CT800 and the new Claudia 0.5. It was really very fast and easy by wifi. Your Grandmaster with its color touch screen is a real pleasure to play!"

Guy Marques, FR (Monday, 29th of April 2019)

"Once again a big thank you for your super work!
I get a feeling of happiness every time I see the chess computer, not to mention when I play with it. Maybe it was also the more than 40 years of waiting, an early teenager dream. Always seen at FCW and put on the wish list, only a gift but the "Munich" was never under the tree. Also birthdays had gone out without this.
What pleases me and now also my wife, one can also win, of course not with Stockfish but no matter. The Grandmaster is simply a very beautiful object, a classic for me.
I did the first update over my mobile phone, download less than 30 sec, whole update about 2 min.
Fantastic and you can continue to play, the position of the last game is taken over!"

Kurt Wilkesmann, CH (Friday, 27th of July 2018)

"Today I got my Grandmaster from the Schachversand and I am thrilled! A beautiful board with a perfect usability. It's fun!
Now I have to practice so that I have a chance in the higher levels! ;-)"

Mathias Zell, DE (Thursday, 5th of July 2018)

"I received the board this morning @ 10am....Very prompt...Very impressive Clever board....I will have no problem when it comes time to get another board from you guys. Its about time someone finally got it right!"

Tyrone Johnson, USA (Friday, 1st of June 2018)

"The Pewatronic GM50 and the case for the GM40 arrived well thank to the adequate packing! Overall impression after lots of comparison tests:

The project GM50 was worth it - the Pewatronic Grandmaster 50 and its 64 bit processor ARM 8 (1.2GHz), 1GB RAM and 32 GB flash memory is currently the strongest in series produced chess computer in the word. Its design in tournament size is timeless - its operation and menu guidance per touch screen is very up to date and currently unique."

Volker Lehnert, DE (Friday, 25th of May 2018)

"The playing strenght for a chess computer is enormous. But it is easy to adjust the own skill level, to play interesting matches they challenge but do not discourage. Thank you very much for this great device.

On the topic of customer proximity - There you are in the first place. You can be very proud of that."

Richard Popp, DE (Thursday, 3rd of May 2018)

"Thank you for the prompt delivery and the careful packing. I would describe this chess computer as very noble and it exceeds my expectations. A big compliment to you and your colleagues who made this noble item. I'm pleased now to play on the balcony (thanks to the powerbank), if the pollen event is over."

Roland Gygax, CH (Monday, 30th of April 2018)

"By the way, what a beautiful chesscomputer you made!!
I have several, but this is really a beauty!"

Peter Frans Koelewijn, NL (Wednesday, 4th of April 2018)

"Maybe you remember, at the end of last year I bought a 'Grandmaster'. I would like to thank you very much for the very friendly and competent purchase. The 'Grandmaster' is an extremly beautiful chess computer with a simple and very noble design, by that I had a lot of fun in the meantime.

Heinz-Peter Hoier, DE (Thursday, 18th of January 2018)

"First I want to thank you for the really nice transaction. The 'Grandmaster' arrived today without any issue. The workmanship and quality are uncomparable. It is really fun to play with the 'Grandmaster'. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it 11 points. A top device that in no way needs to hide from its competitors. Keep it up and thumbs up to the whole team that made and developed this chess computer. You are welcome to publish this review on your website. I would be delighted..."

Stephan Fensky, DE (Thursday, 23th of November 2017)

"Yesterday the 'Grandmaster' arrived. In the evening I familiarized with the menu and also played 2 games. (Stockfish level 5 was already a hard opponent)


It is really a pleasure to play with this device. The beautifully made wooden board and the noble chess men match perfectly. The chess men are good weighted and made with attention to details. Also the display is nice and the menu navigation is intuitive. The sounds are well chosen and not intrusive. For me also very important is the current evaluation (+/-), pretty nice that it refers to material and position. The player name was already entered - thank you.


As I can see by now the engine plays well balanced, it means it plays constantly the set level. For example other engines play 5 moves with full strenght and at the 6th move they sacrifice a piece to compensate the level. That bothers me as player. Alltogether a very beautiful chess computer, perfectly made, with a great fun factor."

Christof Muralt, CH (Friday, 7th of July 2017)

"All arrived savely! I just made a test game and everything seems alright.

As far as I know your company manufactures these chess computers. a big compliment for it about the usability. All is easily understandable on the first trial. I had many chess computers before but rare one is usable so easy."

Wilfried, DE  (Thursday, 2nd of March 2017)


"I'm really glad about this device! It's not only looking fantastic, it's outstanding to use and plays very good, if needed. One also can adjust the skill level to the own skill."

Wilfried, DE  (Saturday, 11th of March 2017)

"It is alright. No issues on the case and computer. The first start yesterday evening was successful.

This morning I tested an ANKER powerbank, works also. By the way it's a very beautiful chess computer (exactly as the pictures show!)."

Uwe Romig, DE (Friday, 20th of January 2017)

"I would like to thank you very much for the good service and the top advice - Customer satisfaction guaranteed!

I already played a few games in different game options/mode. It is really a great pleasure to play with the 'Grandmaster' and it's the better option than sitting in front of a computer screen."

Martin Valt, Thailand (Thursday, 27th of October 2016)

"I would like to thank you very much for the good care the 'Grandmaster' was packed - all arrived well. The chess board is exceptionally beautiful, really exclusive!"

Bernd-Peter Ackermann, DE (Saturday, 24th of September 2018)

"A super chess computer. Soon I will need another two of it, when I'm back at home. I'm an old customer from Gelsenkirchen and own 3 predecessors yet."

Franz-Josef Lüke, DE (Monday, 12th of September 2016)

"The delivery worked very well. I did not have to go to the customs in Bremen. the first serious match I lost, but I want to learn something too :-)

I'm very happy for now, that I have chosen your device."

Peter Jürgens, DE (Wednesday, 7th of September 2016)

"Thank you very much for this beautiful 'Grandmaster' chess computer, which I received yesterday. Naturally, I unpacked and tested it straight away. Everything works as expected. Visually and functionally pleasing, this product truly delivers what it promises on the website. Thank you very much!“

Tobias Graf, CH (Monday, 15th of August 2016)

"I'm a collector of chess computers and I'm glad to have your current top product in my collection. The sensors of the board are working completely satisfactory – the luminosity driven cadmium yellow LED are very pleasing and support the contrast to the attractive board. The chessmen set is ok.“

Volker Lehnert, DE (Friday, 12th of August 2016)

"Your beautiful Pewatronic arrived to me safely today. What a masterpiece. Very nice wood board with beautiful weighted pieces. Very nice attention to detail. All in all this is quite an impressive machine and I hope to enjoy it for many years. Congratulations!"

Frank Tortorice, USA (Tuesday, 24th of May 2016)

 "After I have probably read all that can be read (Explorer Pro-50), I played the first games. I'm thrilled – even though I lost, but therefore my ambition has been aroused! Regarding the amount of levels there is much scope to develop my abilities. Great device!“

Heinz Hirschfeld, DE (Monday, 21th of March 2016)

"My order has arrived. A really attractive chess computer. I played the first game yesterday. Everything is super. A few functions I still have to get to grips with. Thanks for the pleasant dealings with you. Everything worked out well.“

Markus Scheibl, A (Thursday, 7th of January 2016)

"Maybe you remember me – I'm playing for a while with your computer 'Explorer Pro-50' – now on level L7 - no chance – sometimes it is pretty frustrating losing all the time. Warn your customers!

But it is still a lot of fun!!“

Ole Jensen, DE (Thursday, 31th December 2015)

"The chess board 'Explorer Pro-50' is absolutely great and beautiful. For me it emits a noble magic.

Thank you.“

Markus Rufer, CH (Monday, 21th of December 2015)

"I have tested your chess computer 'Explorer Pro-50' – I'm totally delighted."

Ole Jensen, DE (Thursday, 12th of November 2015)

"Bought the Explorer Pro 50. Very nice and beautiful chess computer! The whole process to buy it was very pleasant. My many questions were answered very fast and very detailed. I would recommend this chess computer! I love the idea that my chess board was made by this small firm in beautiful Switzerland."

Bobby, NL (Saturday, 27th of June 2015)

"Since Easter I'm the proud owner of a 'Master Chess Computers'.

The play strength is as expected and the device is just beautiful. Everyone who loves these beautiful Mephisto machines, is 100% right here. The processing is also outstanding. I definitely recommend this computer.

Andreas Pillat, DE (Tuesday, 7th of April 2015)

 "I already thought that these chess computers don't exist anymore these days. But they are still being built, even in Switzerland. And now it's here: the Explorer Pro-50! A really big, beautiful wooden chess computer. Whoever gets excited about chess computers, should definitely get such a device. Thanks to Mr. Waldburger for this great work! I'm more than satisfied.“

Stefan Dietler, CH (Tuesday, 17th of February 2015)

 "A few days ago I received the 'Master Chess Computer' and I love this attractive device. It is a real pleasure to own a chess computer that works with wooden chessmen. It is completely thought-out and masterfully hand crafted. Truly worth its money."

Olivero DiFezero (Friday, 30th of January 2015)

 "Quality and workmanship are outstanding (I've got the tournament chess computer Explorer Pro50). The battery operation works without any disturbing cables, which is very useful. I'm very satisfied.

Thank you!”

Patrik Goebel, CH (Saturday, 22th of November 2014)

"Today my Explorer Pro40 arrived. A very beautiful device. Perfectly hand crafted. Especially commendable is the competent advise before the purchase. A recommendation for all friends of beautiful chess computers. Thank you very much!“

Peter Schmidt, DE (Thursday, 9th of Oktober 2014)

"Yesterday I got my Pro 50. This chess computer is very beautiful.

I absolutely recommend its purchase. The device also works with batteries which is very convenient. Also Mr. Waldburger's advice is absolutely top. I'm really satisfied !!! Thank you very much !!!”

Wolfgang Hoppe, DE (Sunday, third of August 2014)

"I got my Explorer Pro 50. A very noble piece. It exactly corresponds with my expectation of an exclusive chess computer and it works perfect. I'm very pleased."

Pius Küng, CH (Sunday, 23th of March 2014)

 "Today my Explorer Pro 50 arrived. A very admirable chess computer. I'm really satisfied. Would buy it again.“

Achim Weiß, DE (Friday, 14th of February 2014)